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We create beautiful waist cinching hidden corsetry

Extremely flattering hidden support.

If you are looking for a wedding dress that is the most gorgeous luxury design on the outside, fits like a glove and gives amazing hidden support built seamlessly inside your dress, welcome to my World of couture bridal wear. I often get asked about my hidden internal corsetry and complimented how special it is. Once tried on my brides are wowed by the amazing waist cinching and flattering silhouette it gives, pulling in the waist over 2 inches. I am an expert at giving support to your bust so there is no need for a bra, even the largest bust is completely supported and uplifted. Under each luxuriously decorated layer of my dresses starts the most beautiful foundations.I am passionate that every single one of my dresses fits like a glove, is comfortable to wear, looks stunning and makes you feel amazing. My corsetry is the most flattering and comfortable you will wear because it is built completely to your own measurements.   (Pictured, I am dressing a a real bride on her wedding day, a special service I offer).

'I have trained and worked for over a decade with the best couture and high end fashion designers including Phillipa Lepley and Jenny Packham, adapting and pushing forward all that I have learnt and made it my own.'

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Sally Bean Couture Copyright 2020

The hidden Support

The corset is long to the hips, which pulls in your waist and your hips, sits comfortably and balances your whole posture whilst lifting the bust. We can plunge the neckline, and depending on your bust size will depend how low we can plunge your back, to give you the most flattering support, but I am a master of engineering so can make magic happen. I like to make corsets internally as long as possible over your hips so the dress gives you a smooth flawless look from all angles. After the corset is perfected you can have any skirt shape from tight fishtail to full ballgown, what ever suits your proportions. The dress will look extremely flattering on you. Giving you an amazing figure, making you feel absolutely amazing. But still look natural and almost as though all the hidden boning and foundations are not there at all.

Sally Bean Couture Exclusive corsetry
Sally Bean Couture
Hidden Corsetry Sally Bean Couture
Amazing hidden supportive corsetry

I am an expert in building

Complete hidden support inside your Wedding Dress

I make a cotton toile mock up of every single dress I make and perfect the patten and shape of how lifted your bust should be, where is should sit on your hips to pull in your shape and make it extremely flattering. If you have a very straight shape and want to create your waist that is no problem, I can cleverly manipulate the boning to sculpt you a waist and build up inside the cups to give you a fuller bust. We create  the ultimate feminine fit with my hidden corsetry, enabling you to look and feel phenomenal. Every angle you turn looks amazing and you can enjoy your wedding celebrations with complete confidence.    

Truely beautiful

Fitted to perfection

I have spent my whole career perfecting every single dress I make to offer all my clients the ultimate fit, with a dress made exactly to your measurements. Not all corsetry is the same, if you have tried on dresses where it stands away from you, feels stiff and like you are wearing armour, the waist is in the wrong place and it all just feels wrong, I have perfected my corsetry to fit like a glove because it is precisely fitted to your body and your posture, it pulls you in at the waist and hips but moulds to you and never stands away. Every figure is beautiful as it is, but I can promise that I can build a shape and dress for you that will enhance all your best bits and disguise those you want to hide.

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