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We take pride that each Sally Bean bride is completely unique and looks amazing. Her wedding dress fits perfectly with her wedding day, giving her the freedom to enjoy every moment completely confident, happy and relaxed, beautifully her true self.


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Real Brides on their Wedding Days


"What a wonderful experience! Sally is the loveliest person and just knows what you want.

When I told her what elements I liked for my wedding dress I was quite sure there was not a single way to combine them all to look good.

But while we talked, Sally drew something and after a while turned the paper to me and asked if that was what I had in mind. I was speechless.

I had no idea what I had in mind but when she showed me that drawing I knew that that was it.

Her attention to detail is second to none and she made me feel so comfortable all the way through our fitting journey. I loved the hours we spent together working on my dream dress. And in the end the dress felt like a second skin and looked like me.

That moment is hard to describe but it felt as if Sally captured my essence in that dress.

All the little areas everyone has and don’t like about ourselves were hidden perfectly leaving me look better than ever in my life.

This was the best decision I made about our wedding. I would always make the same choice."

Dani S


“ Creating my wedding gown was the part of my wedding that I was most excited about and I’m so blessed to have had Sally take me through this process.

She provided the perfect balance of listening to my ideas and guiding me with her creativity.

Making a dress with her is a journey and a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable process!

Starting off with beautiful sketches of my ideas to going through the highest quality fabric samples (mostly French and Italian), Sally firstly sampled my idea on a cotton toile which was great to get a trial run.

We had multiple fittings along the way to ensure I was assured every step of the way, she was accommodating with changes that could be made and her patience in incredible!

If you want a bespoke high end couture gown then Sally Bean is the designer for you! Can’t recommend her enough. “

Kalpana D


“ I originally went to Sally to gets some tips on how best to make the style of dressed I loved work for my body shape.

While we were talking Sally did a sketch of the dress that I was describing and it was love at first sight she even had the perfect lace already in her workshop, it was meant to be!

From the start Sally was amazing at getting me involved in the entire design process from picking the materials to discussing the pros and cons of various design ideas, to placing the lace.

She was great at giving guidance on how best to enhance my assets and hide the niggly parts and was incredibly meticulous always placing, replacing and adjusting pieces of lace during our fittings to ensure everything was perfect.

Her attention to detail was amazing down to the beautiful blue ribbon sewn into the dress as my something blue.

She took into consideration the location and style of my wedding to ensure that my dress would be practical and comfortable to make the most of our outdoor wedding. It felt amazing to wear, the beautifully tailor made corset was so comfortable and I was able to sit, eat, dance and even climb over a fence with ease.

I felt like my dress reflected my personality and gave me the freedom to enjoy the day while still looking gorgeous and feminine. ”

Emma C


“ When it came to my wedding dress (the most important part of the wedding in my opinion!)

I had an idea of what I would like it to look like but could never of imagined the beautiful dress I ended up with.

That is all because of the amazing and wonderfully talented Sally who took my ideas then designed and made my perfect wedding dress.

Sally is not only able to listen to what you would like in a dress but can advise you on what suits your size and shape and how best to enhance your features.

Sally is a perfectionist to the very last detail and knowing that my dress is one of a kind, designed especially for me is something very special which I will cherish forever.

I would recommend that anyone who is looking for their perfect wedding dress looks no further than Sally Bean Couture.”

Samantha E


“I am so glad I chose the amazing designer Sally Bean from Sally Bean Couture, the dress she created was beyond my wildest dreams. It fit like a glove, was exceptionally glamorous and truly beautiful. “

Hope P